Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Trade for a Hall of Fame Autograph

No, it's not Ted Williams, though I wish it were.  It's not Carl Yastrzemski, though that would be nice too.  But it is a Hall of Famer and it is an autograph, so I am certainly not complaining.  It is not often I get one of these in a trade, so I am perfectly happy with that.  
1.  2017 Topps Heritage Chrome Purple David Price.  I got this card in the same trade.  Price is starting the season on the disabled list, but if he comes back strong, he gives Boston three aces at the top of their rotation.

2.  2016 Topps Tribute Autographs Green Jim Rice.  This is my second autograph of Rice.  I feel like I have been writing about Rice a lot lately.  He will likely appear in a post I am working on for this weekend too.  He is a Red Sox legend, so there is a good reason for his frequent appearance on this blog.

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