Sunday, April 10, 2016

Easter Egg Break

I am writing this on Easter Sunday, though it will not be seen for nearly two weeks.  That is how far backed up I am on posts.  I had an opportunity to pick up some packs today and pulled a few Red Sox cards.
1.  Craig Kimbrel.  This is my first Kimbrel card.  This is the regular base card, I am aware of the short-printed variation.  Kimbrel will be the closer this season.

2.  Rusney Castillo.  Castillo may be pushed for playing time by Brock Holt and Travis Shaw.  He will have to start producing to keep his job.

3.  David Ortiz.  Here is a nice insert from Topps Opening Day.  I kind of like the red jerseys personally.

4.  Brian Johnson.  Johnson is one of the Red Sox players who has a rookie card this year.  He has a chance to make the team later this year.

5.  Mookie Betts.  Betts has been mentioned a lot as a potential AL MVP candidate this year.

Not bad breaks here.

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