Saturday, August 17, 2013

Red Sox in Cooperstown Pt. 9: Waite Hoyt

Years with Boston:  1919-1920 (10-12, 3.85 ERA, 73 strikeouts, 69 walks, 226.1 innings)
Best Year in Boston:  1919 (4-6, 3.25 ERA, 28 strikeouts, 22 walks, 105.1 innings, 1.149 WHIP)
(Hoyt has no Red Sox cards that I am aware of)
Right-hander Waite Hoyt appeared in one game for the New York Giants in 1918, making his Major League debut that season, before he was sent to the Red Sox.  He was just 19 in his first year with Boston and was used sparingly.  He only appeared in 13 games for the Red Sox in 1919.  He was used a little bit more often in 1920, pitching in 22 games but he was still not a regular.  Hoyt actually finished 10 games for the Red Sox that season.

Hoyt was considered a promising pitcher, but he was traded to the Yankees anyway in December of 1920, just a few weeks prior to the sale of Babe Ruth.  Hoyt was packaged along with Wally Schang, Mike McNally, and Harry Harper for Muddy Ruel, Del Pratt, Hank Thormahlen, and Sammy Vick.  This was actually one of the few trades that was not terrible for Boston during this time period.  Pratt and Ruel were decent players for a couple of years.

Of course Hoyt had his greatest successes with the Yankees in the 1920's.  He won 157 games for the Yankees and was one of their best pitchers at the beginning of the dynasty.  Hoyt's time with the Red Sox was pretty much irrelevant to his Hall of Fame case.

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