Monday, November 22, 2010

Unknown Heroes Pt. 7: Jeff Frye

I have always liked players who have the ability to play multiple positions. Jeff Frye was something of a super utility player who played every position during his time with the Red Sox except pitcher and catcher. Frye was not a great fielder, but he was versatile and that was extremely helpful to the Red Sox when they acquired him in 1996 as a free agent from the Rangers. Wil Cordero, the starting second baseman had gone down with an injury and the Red Sox needed someone to come in and pick up the slack. Frye proved very valuable that year and subsequent years.

Frye was never a great hitter, but he was good enough, going .295/.363/.392/.755. Pretty decent numbers for a second baseman really. His ability to back up any other position on the diamond added to his contact hitting ability to make him a nice little player. Frye hit nine home runs during his three plus seasons for the Red Sox. He also stole 40 bases, making him a rare player with speed on those Boston teams.

During the 2000 season, Frye was part of a big trade with the Rockies that brought Rolando Arrojo and Mike Lansing to the Red Sox. Nomar Garciaparra was known to be upset, Frye had been very popular with the Red Sox.

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