Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One-Card Wonder Pt. 6: Chris Hammond

For whatever reason, sometimes I am only able to find one card of certain players. To be considered a One-Card Wonder, a player must have been active since 1991 (when I started paying attention).
I hate doing these when I can not find a scan of the card. This one is a 1997 Ultra card. I do not currently own a scanner, so I can not add one myself. Oh well.

Hammond was a valuable member of the Red Sox pitching staff in 1997 until going down with an injury. He did not pitch particularly well, bu the was versatile, starting eight games, finishing six, and pitching in several additional games.

He went 3-4 with a 5.92 ERA and 48 strikeouts in 65.1 innings. Unfortunately, he was very wild and walked a lot of batters. After the season, he left as a free agent. He would later have a great year in the Braves bullpen in 2002.

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