Monday, November 15, 2010

Busts Pt. 4: Mark Whiten

Sometimes, offseason acquisitions work out. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes, they are spectacular failures.

Hard-Hittin' Mark Whiten was supposed to be a rising star in the early 1990's. But for some reason, he bounced around a lot with various teams. Boston was his fourth team, in only his sixth season. He hit 25 home runs in 1993 with the Cardinals and looked like a star. But in 1994, he struggled. He was traded to the Red Sox along with Rheal Cormier for Scott Cooper. Oddly, Cormier was the only player of the three to perform reasonably well for his new team, and he was a throw-in.

Whiten hit .185/.239/.241/.480 with one home run and ten runs batted in in 32 games. He was supposed to be the Red Sox right-fielder and number five hitter, but his offensive output was terrible. He did play well defensively and had a great arm in right.

He was traded to the Phillies in July for Dave Hollins, who played five games with Boston before going down with an injury. Whiten of course, turned into a decent option as a backup outfielder with power, later playing with the Braves, Mariners, Yankees, and Indians.

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