Saturday, November 18, 2023

Once Again, I am Behind

I am not going to catch up all in one post.  There would be a lot to go through.  So, this may take a few posts, but I will work on it.  I will go until I get too tired.  Most of the cards are Connor Wong cards, though I have gotten some other stuff as extras.

Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs Printing Plate Cyan.  I admit, I spent a bit more on this than I should have, but I really could not bear the thought of it ending up in someone else's collection.  

Topps Update Rainbow Foil and Base.  I tried out another of those multi-case breaks, hoping to grab some rare parallels cheaply.  Unfortunately, my best card was the Vintage Stock, which I already had.  So, all I added were the Rainbow Foil and base card.

Topps Update Golden Rainbow SSP.  Apparently this was a full parallel set this time around.  Every card had a SSP version with a different photo.  

Topps Update Gold.  This is the gold standard (ha!) of parallels.  

Topps Chrome Sapphire Purple.  This card leaves me two cards short of finding all of the Sapphire parallels.  I need the Red and the Padparadascha (whatever that is).  

Panini Absolute Rookie Threads Retail Green.  Simple jersey swatch serial-numbered to 199.

Topps Update Independence Day.  Serial-numbered to 76.  I tried to grab these parallels right away, rather than searching for them later.

Panini Prizm Rookie Autographs Red Prizm.  This was more of one that I just kind of missed for awhile.

Topps Update Black.  A bad scan, that cut off part of the top.  Another one that I felt I better grab right away.  I'm still looking for the 2022 Black.

Topps Japan Jade.  Some of these parallels are a little difficult to come by.  I have three more to go, but they are all fairly typical parallels.  I like the ones that are specific to this set.  Not to say I won't get the others.

Topps Clearly Authentic Autographs Green.  This is kind of a weird one.  The scan is bad.  This card is all acetate and is transparent.  

That seems like a good stopping point for now.  Many more to come.

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