Saturday, August 12, 2017

How About Some Red Sox Tek?

Of course my big goal with 1998 Topps Tek is to track down the remaining eight patterns I need to have all 90 Sandy Alomar Jr. cards.  But I also like to occasionally add Red Sox.  This is just my second Mo Vaughn pattern, joining three Pedro Martinez patterns and four Nomar Garciaparra patterns.  Mo Vaughn was one of my early favorite players and was an offensive force in the mid 1990's for the Red Sox.  His career declined rapidly after he left Boston.


  1. I've been planning a post comparing the similarities between Mo Vaughn and David Ortiz. It's cards like this where they look the same.

  2. I always thought that too. Particularly Vaughn's time in Boston when he hit for a high average as well as power.