Wednesday, March 30, 2016

An Aramis Ramirez Bat Card Yielded This:

The other guy really, really wanted that Aramis Ramirez bat card.  He offered all of these up and I asked him what he would be willing to give up for that one card and he insisted on sending all of these.  I didn't argue, though I did tell him it wasn't necessary.  I did throw in some extras though.

1.  Matt Thornton.  Carrying on with my recent Red Sox focus, Thornton was acquired by Boston during the 2013 season to be a lefty out of the pen.  He was injured though and did not play a lot for Boston.  He missed the playoffs entirely and left as a free agent.

2.  Rafael Devers.  Devers is one of Boston's top prospects, in particular their #2 prospect by most prospect lists, though Keith Law had him as their top prospect and the #7 prospect in all of baseball.

3.  Dustin Pedroia.  Pedroia has declined a bit but if he can put up a few more good seasons, his Hall of Fame likelihood will be that much more assured.

4.  Michael Kopech.  Boston's #5 prospect has fallen onto some hard times recently with his suspension last year and now hurting his hand in a fight with a teammate.  Hopefully he can turn things around because he has talent.

5.  Wade Boggs/Bob Ojeda.  This is one of the buybacks from this year.  Boggs was my first favorite player and is of course a Hall of Famer.  Ojeda was a pretty good left-hander that Boston probably should have kept.  He helped the Mets win the 1986 World Series over the Red Sox.

So this was a pretty successful trade on my part, I feel.

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  1. To me, if both sides are happy, then the trade was good. In the end, that is all that matters.

    I miss Thorton on the south side, but it seems like he is having some injury issues lately.