Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Panda Jersey and Some Wantlist Hits

The mailday train keeps rolling.  This package brought a bunch of wantlist hits to close out the Topps Heritage High Numbers update set and knocked off a bunch of Stadium Club needs.

Here is the first card:

This is my second Sandoval relic.  I am hoping that Sandoval will come back from his bad season in 2015.  He has hit well in the past in a bad hitter's park, so he should be able to hit well in Fenway Park.

And here are the wantlist hits:

I am adding all of the needed Stadium Club base cards to my wantlist.  There are only really a handful of ones from before 2008 which were not already on my wantlist.  The photos from Stadium Club have always been the big draw to Stadium Club and there are some great ones here for Brock Holt, Mookie Betts, and David Ortiz.  The cards of Rick Porcello, Pablo Sandoval, and Matt Barnes are not quite as interesting.

The other three cards are from Heritage High Numbers and include an insert of the up-and-coming Blake Swihart, and base cards of free agent bust Justin Masterson, and terrific rookie Eduardo Rodriguez.

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