Friday, February 26, 2016

Colorful Mailday

My latest trade package arrived with some nice, colorful parallels:
We have a green Pablo Sandoval doing something he needs to do a little more often this year, hitting a home run.  Edward Mujica, who was a bit of a disappointment in Boston, nevertheless is the subject of a nice pink parallel that is numbered to just 50.  Jake Peavy checks in with a gold version, which is fitting since he helped Boston win the 2013 World Series.  The last of the colors is the black Stadium Club Hanley Ramirez card.  This is a painful reminder of just how horrifically awful Ramirez was in left field.  Hopefully he will be a better first-baseman.  Finally, we have a buyback of 2007 World Champion and All Star Hideki Okajima.  

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