Monday, March 9, 2015

A New Pedro

I love 1998 Topps Tek, mostly because of my ongoing quest to get all of the Sandy Alomar Jr. patterns.  But I also pick up Red Sox cards when I can.  The other years are not as important to me, though I do continue to get the Red Sox cards.  I was still interested when Topps released High Tek in 2014, though I was not about to pick up any boxes or packs due to the extremely high price.  I did want to get a few singles, at least one per player.  Recently I received my first card, Pedro Martinez:
This is the Disco Diffractor of Pedro and it is serial-numbered out of 50.  Pedro will be getting many more cards this year thanks to his election to Cooperstown, but it looked to have started in 2014.  Not sure how many more of these cards I will be going after, but I do want at least one of each remaining player: Fisk, Garciaparra, Napoli, and Pedroia.

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