Thursday, March 19, 2015

2015 Heritage Group Break Results

After my pretty good luck with the 2015 Topps Series One break with Nachos Grande,  I decided to bite the bullet on his Heritage break.  The results were not overly impressive, other than the sheer number of cards I received.  Probably the last group break for me for a little while.
1.  Carlos Rivero/Dan Butler.  Neither of these guys are likely to appear in Boston this year.  Butler was traded to Washington.  Rivero was a minor league free agent.  Between them, they played 11 games for Boston.  It is kind of neat to have an actual Major League card of them though since I value player selection above all else.

2.  Daniel Nava.  I love getting cards of Nava.  He just does not get enough.

3.  Mike Napoli.  And Mike Napoli's beard.

4.  Mookie Betts.  Betts has been terrific this spring.  He could be headed for a big year.  

5.  Christian Vazquez.  I'm very happy to see him get a card.  Terrific defensive catcher.

6.  Rusney Castillo/Anthony Ranaudo.  Ranaudo is gone, but Castillo will be another interesting young player to watch.

7.  Joe Kelly.  Love the glasses Joe.

8.  Clay Buchholz.  I think Buchholz could surprise people this year.  It was not that long ago that he was completely dominating.

9.  Team card.  Celebrating last place.  Alright!

10.  Rick Porcello.  Hopefully he will continue to build on his success from last season.

11.  Allen Craig.  One of my biggest surprises of Spring is that he is still with the team.

12.  Brock Holt.  Like Nava, I just love getting cards of Holt.  Overlooked player.

13.  Wade Miley.  Another new addition to Boston this year.

14.  Matt Barnes/Edwin Escobar.  I expect both of these pitchers to be helpful out of the bullpen or rotation this year.

15.  Koji Uehara.  With some rest, hopefully Koji is ready for the season.

16.  Will Middlebrooks.  Topps must have missed that he was traded.  Also, had a brutal year.  Probably not deserving of a card this year.

17.  Garin Cecchini.  Probably tradebait at this point.

18.  Pablo Sandoval.  I am most excited about seeing Panda in Boston this year. 

19.  John Farrell.  The only set that still produces manager cards.  This is why I am hoping Sandy Alomar Jr. gets a managerial position soon.

20.  Bryce Brentz.  I don't care about the other guy.

21.  Hanley Ramirez SP.  Hopefully playing in the outfield will cut down on the injuries.  Ramirez can be a beast when healthy.

22.  Xander Bogaerts SP.  It was a tough year last year, but he is just 22.

23.  David Ortiz SP.  Showing no signs of slowing down yet...

24.  Dustin Pedroia SP.  If he can stay healthy, he should have a good year.

25.  Dustin Pedroia Chrome.  Nice parallel here of the Boston veteran.

26.  Rusney Castillo/Anthony Ranaudo Chrome Purple Refractor.  Easily the best card of the break for me here.  Nice to get a decent parallel of Castillo.  Ranaudo is gone as I mentioned earlier.  Castillo is the big draw here.

Thanks Chris!


  1. That team card is one of the best Red Sox cards I've ever seen.

  2. Whole team set and all the SPs. Expect a package soon.