Wednesday, October 23, 2013

World Series Game 1 Mailday With a Lot of Varitek

Okay, so only one of the players featured on the next ten cards is going to be playing in this World Series.  Though Dwight Evans and Jason Varitek each played in two World Series themselves, Dustin Pedroia is the only one still active.

I got this first card in a trade with one of my Group Break participants, I believe.
1.  2013 Topps Archives Dual Fan Favorites Dwight Evans/Dustin Pedroia.  Another card off of my Top Ten came in.  I moved recently and was beginning to think this would never make it.  Evans played in the 1975 and 1986 World Series.  Pedroia played in the 2007 World Series and is due to play in his second.

I bought a bunch of new Jason Varitek cards off of a former collector.  Can't believe I found this many that I needed.  He had more too, but money is tight since I bought a house.  Varitek of course played on the 2004 and 2007 World Championship teams.
2.  2010 Upper Deck Game Jersey Jason Varitek.  I like the camo catching gear and the nice red jersey swatch.

3.  2008 Bowman Chrome Jason Varitek.  This is the card that really blows my mind that I did not have.  I have the blue, gold, and regular refractors, the xfractor, and the 1/1 superfractor, but not the base?!  That's crazy.

4.  2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Red Jason Varitek.  Another surprise.

5.  2008 Upper Deck Documentary Gold Jason Varitek 1245.  This is less surprising.  I did not even know there were parallels until recently and Documentary is not one of my favorite sets.  I would like it a lot more if they used different pictures but that would be asking way too much.

6.  2008 Upper Deck Documentary Gold Jason Varitek 1545.

7.  2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Framed Red Jason Varitek.  I love this card.  The texture, the frame, the picture, it really is a beautiful card.

8.  2009 Topps Chrome Xfractor Jason Varitek.  Terrific action shot here.

9.  2009 Topps 206 Bronze Jason Varitek.  A simple card but it looks good.

10.  2011 Topps Gold Jason Varitek.  I was very disappointed Topps did not make any Varitek cards in 2012.  It means that this is the last card of Varitek from his active career.  I would guess one day he will start to show up in retired sets as a fan favorite, but who knows when that will occur.

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