Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Still 6 Spots to Go

I am making the deadline Monday at noon, central time.  I got two of the boxes in today and I am itching to open it up.  If 14 spots have not been claimed by Monday, then that means more for me.

Go here to sign up.

Here is the list of the remaining teams:

Arizona Diamondbacks -
Atlanta Braves -
Chicago Cubs -
Cincinnati Reds -
Colorado Rockies -
Houston Astros -
Kansas City Royals -
Los Angeles Angels -
Miami Marlins -
Milwaukee Brewers -
Minnesota Twins -
New York Mets -
New York Yankees -
Oakland Athletics -
Pittsburgh Pirates -
St. Louis Cardinals -
San Diego Padres -
San Francisco Giants -
Tampa Bay Rays -
Toronto Blue Jays -
Washington Nationals -

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  1. I'll promote this on my blog tonight. I also need to pay you....