Thursday, September 26, 2013

Package Full of Wantlist Hits

I have been trying to focus on knocking some stuff off of my wantlist lately.  That is kind of my main goal these days.  So if anyone else out there can help me hit a couple of these I would really appreciate it.  My wantlist is linked on the side.

Anyway, I traded a few cards for this large number of stuff off of my list:
1.  2009 Topps Heritage Ramon Ramirez.  This was actually on my Top Ten Most Wanted, so I am really thrilled to add it.  The 2009 Heritage team set has been very elusive.  Ramirez was acquired for Coco Crisp and gave the Red Sox one pretty good year in the bullpen.

2.  1987 Donruss Bill Buckner.

3.  1994 Fleer Scott Cooper.

4.  1994 Fleer Rob Deer.  Deer was only a Red Sox for part of one season but it made a big impact on me when I was a kid.  Deer was one of the cards in my first 1991 Topps pack.

5.  1994 Fleer Mike Greenwell.

6.  1994 Fleer Frank Viola.

7.  1995 Fleer John Valentin.

8.  1998 Collector's Choice Dennis Eckersley.

9.  1998 Collector's Choice Mo Vaughn.  A nice card that I am sure Nick of Dime Box Cards would like.
10.  1998 Collector's Choice Pedro Martinez.

11.  1998 Collector's Choice Troy O'Leary.

12.  2000 Topps Stars Troy O'Leary.  I am not sure why he is wearing #2 on this card.  If I did not know better I would be sure this was Damon Buford on this card.

13.  2000 Greats of the Game Dennis Eckersley.  Eckersley has been a big focus lately.  Why?  I have no idea, but I like action shots of him because he had such a unique style.

14.  2000 Greats of the Game Carl Yastrzemski.

15.  2003 Topps Retired Carl Yastrzemski.  Another card Nick would like.

16.  2004 Topps Retired Bill Buckner.  I actually had the autographed version of this first.  Weird.

17.  2005 Topps Retired Dennis Eckersley.  Another nice Eck card with the Red Sox.

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