Monday, October 3, 2011

Underrated Player of the Year: 1994

In this series, I look at one player per year from 1991-the present who came out of nowhere or had a great year that no one really noticed or expected.1994 - KEN RYAN
Ken Ryan was not really a complete surprise. He was touted to be a potential closer-in-waiting, but in 1994 he took the next step. Boston entered the season with Jeff Russell as the incumbent closer, but ineffectiveness and the rise of Ryan eventually lead to him being traded to the Indians for Chris Nabholz and Steve Farr.

Ryan had his best season as a closer that year, saving 13 games and finishing the year with a 2.44 ERA and a 1.313 WHIP.

Ryan was given the closer position in 1995 from the start of the season, but he struggled and was eventually replaced when Boston acquired Rick Aguilera. Ryan was dealt after the season for another closer Heathcliff Slocumb.

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