Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Topps Now and an E-Rod Auto

One of the new ideas Topps has had was the Topps Now set.  Each day, a new card or two are put up for sale on their website to celebrate a strong performance.  It is an interesting idea.  I am looking forward to seeing some interesting Red Sox cards.  Unfortunately there have not been a ton of noteworthy performances by Red Sox players so far.

The only Topps Now card of a Red Sox player so far is this one:
David Ortiz got off to a hot start in his final season with the Red Sox and hit a home run in his first game.  This was the fifth card released.  One of the interesting aspects of these cards is that they are only on sale for a day.  Once that day is done, Topps releases a print run.  This card had a print run of 471.

On the same day I received the above Ortiz, I also received this:
This is my second autograph card of Eduardo Rodriguez.  He should be coming back from injury in early May.  The Red Sox rotation could certainly use him.  His signature is not very pretty.

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  1. Another Ortiz Now card came out this past weekend.