Friday, July 18, 2014

Nice 2014 Trade

I have not been getting too many trades done lately.  No real explanation for that, I have no idea what is going on.  So I am way behind on getting 2014 Red Sox cards.  Luckily this trade changed that quite a bit:
1.  2014 Bowman Homestate/International Mike Napoli.  What a glorious beard on Napoli here.

2.  2014 Bowman Homestate/International John Lackey.  I wish there was a Red Sox player from Nebraska in this set.  Get the Nebraska flag on there.  I could be wrong but I think Alex Gordon, Connor Gillaspie, and Joba Chamberlain are the only Nebraska natives in the Major Leagues right now.

3.  2014 Bowman Blue Daniel Nava.  Nava is starting to come around and hit like he did last year.

4.  2014 Bowman Chrome Top 100 Xander Bogaerts.  He might be coming around again too.  He just hit a home run earlier tonight.

5.  2014 Bowman Prospects Trey Ball.  The highest drafted player since Trot Nixon for the Red Sox.  His minor league numbers are a little rough right now.

6.  2014 Bowman Prospects Wendell Rijo.  Boston has a ton of good prospects coming up.  This is another one.

7.  2014 Topps John Lackey.  Lackey has some nice numbers this year.  The question is whether he will be traded or not since he has a favorable contract next year.

8.  2014 Topps Felix Doubront.  What is with Topps and horizontal shots for Doubront?  He has had a card in the regular Topps set each of the last three years and all of them have been horizontal.  Strange.

9.  2014 Topps Jackie Bradley Jr.  Another hitter who is starting to come around.
10.  2014 Bowman Shane Victorino.  He will be back from the DL soon, hopefully.

11.  2014 Bowman Jonny Gomes.  I expect him to be traded as well.  Kind of sad as he has become a leader on the team, kind of like Kevin Millar was.

12.  2014 Bowman Mike Napoli.  But at least he isn't going anywhere for awhile.

13.  2014 Bowman Koji Uehara.  Of all the players mentioned in trade rumors, this one would bother me the most.  Boston has proven how difficult it is to acquire a reliable closer the last few years.  Koji will be 40 next year, but who would they get to replace him?

14.  2014 Bowman Daniel Nava.

15.  2014 Bowman Will Middlebrooks.  Will he ever be the player he was in 2012 again?

16.  2014 Topps Future is Now Xander Bogaerts.  Nice insert of the new star.

17.  2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Framed Blue Jonny Gomes.

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