Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trade with Nolan's Dugout

Recently Night Owl posted about a package that he received from me.  I read through the comments and Kyle from Nolan's Dugout said that he had a number of Pacific singles and asked if anyone wanted to work anything out.  I loved Pacific so naturally I jumped on the possibility and contacted him to work something out.  I sent some of his set needs in exchange for the following:
Pacific focused quite a bit on Hispanic players, particularly in the early years.  Jose Canseco was obviously a big star in the early 1990's so Pacific produced a lot of cards of him.  When I was first getting into baseball my older brother was an Oakland A's fan and particularly a fan of Canseco (he stopped watching them when Canseco was traded to the Rangers).  So it always seemed so strange to me that he was a Red Sox DH for a couple of years.  He is one of those players that I always like to get, despite his, shall we say, issues, off the field.

Thanks Kyle! Hope to trade again!

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