Friday, May 10, 2013

Mailday 05/08 and Pack Break 05/09 and Some Tradebait

The last few days have been pretty busy for me.  Boston has been terrible over the last week which has kind of sucked the fun out of blogging about them. 

The one trade package I received so far was a small one.  I sent a Nolan Ryan SP from Gypsy Queen to an individual in a nearby very small town (oddly enough) for two cards from 2012 Bowman Chrome, the Jacoby Ellsbury base and the refractor of Boss Moanaroa, one of my favorite names in the Red Sox system. Moanaroa is an aboriginal native of Australia.  His brother Moko once played in Boston's system as well.  Boss is more talented and stands a slightly better shot at making the Majors, but I am not holding my breath honestly.  I would love it if he makes it, it just does not seem all that likely.

Yesterday was my birthday.  To celebrate I bought a blaster of 2013 Bowman and a blister pack of 2013 Heritage.  I did not get any Red Sox out of the Heritage which was disappointing.  I got the following from the Bowman blaster:
I am counting the Prospect Challenge card because I always count them if they have a picture of a Red Sox player on them.  In this case it is Matt Barnes.  

Here is the tradebait.  As you can see it was a good day for Chase Headley and Ryan Zimmerman.  I also got two nifty Pirates refractors.  I am currently in talks to trade one or both of them, but if anyone has any trade offers, please comment here.

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