Thursday, May 23, 2013

Prospect Pack Breaks and Some Tradebait

I bought one of those packages with three packs and three purple cards yesterday.  These were the Red Sox:
Both of these are prospects.  People buy Bowman for the prospects and of course that is what I do too.  This is not too bad because I think both of these players stand a reasonable shot at making it to the Majors some day.  Jamie Callahan was a second round draft pick last year out of high school.  He has been in extended Spring Training so far this year.  Travis Shaw, the son of former closer Jeff Shaw, was a draft pick in 2011 and has been rising quickly after a breakout season last year.  He is already in Double A Portland.

And now for the tradebait.  If anyone want anythings and has Red Sox to trade, please comment.  Thanks.

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