Friday, May 24, 2013

Mid 90's Mailday

I picked up some random mid to late 1990's stuff in a trade recently.  Below are the goodies:
1.  1996 Bowman Foil Shawn Senior.  I never had any of these foil inserts.  I was not even aware of them.  I picked up two in this trade.  Senior never made the Majors.

2.  1996 Bowman Foil Rafael Orellano.  Neither did Orellano.

3.  1997 Collector's Choice Premier Power Mo Vaughn.  Vaughn was one of my favorite players, quite possibly my favorite at this time.  He was always fun to watch, the rare slugger who struck out a ton, yet still got lots of hits and a high batting average.

4.  1998 Upper Deck Star Attractions Mo Vaughn.  This is a very interesting insert of the Hit Dog.  I like die cut cards quite a bit.

5.  1998 Pinnacle Yardwork Mo Vaughn.  I previously had the Nomar Garciaparra version of this, now I have both of the big Red Sox sluggers of the time.

6.  1998 Studio Hit Parade Mo Vaughn.  Rapping things up for the Mo Vaughn additions is this cool-looking insert from Studio.

7.  1998 Studio Silver Proof Michael Coleman.  Coleman actually made the Major Leagues a couple of times, but perceived attitude issues and injuries kept him from sticking around.  Coleman gave himself the nickname "Prime Time", which did not sit well with the veterans.  He had a couple of short stops in the Majors, despite some impressive minor league numbers.

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