Friday, May 17, 2013

One Small Trade and a Bowman Blaster Break (With Tradebait)

Packages have slowed way down lately.  I have not been getting too many trades done.  It's depressing.  I need more going on.

This is the small trade package I got yesterday.  I moved a bunch of base Cardinals cards from 2013 for these cards:
1.  2005 Studio Portraits Gray/Sepia/Diamond Kings Curt Schilling #d/30.  There were approximately 8,256 different variations of these Studio Portraits inserts.  I now have one each of Schilling, Carl Yastrzemski, and Carlton Fisk.  I like them but I probably will not go way out of my way to acquire a bunch of them.  Now if they had included Jason Varitek in the checklist I would probably make an exception.

2.  2001 Topps Gold Mike Lansing #d/2001.  Mike Lansing did not have a long career with the Red Sox.  The team was forced to take him and his salary on in a trade with the Rockies in order to acquire Rolando Arrojo in 2000.  He did not do much for Boston, but he did make a tumbling catch late in the game during Hideo Nomo's no-hitter which saved the feat.

3.  2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Mini GQ Red Carlton Fisk.  I like minis quite a bit but I am not obsessive about them.  I do like to get a lot of Fisk cards, mainly because of the fact that I love catchers.

4.  2010 Topps Gold Jason Bay #d/2010.  I love the action shot on this Bay card.  I really liked watching Bay in his short stint with the Red Sox.  He had an incredible 2009 season for the Red Sox and did a great job replacing Manny Ramirez in left field, plus he was not nearly as much trouble in the clubhouse.

Today I went to court in a nearby town.  I sometimes like to stop at the stores in other towns to see if I have any better luck with packs.  It sounds strange, but it worked last year.  I was having terrible luck with Topps Series 2, only managing to pull two Red Sox cards out of several blasters and rack packs.  That and a number of doubles of the two cards I had.  Just bad collation.  So I picked up a blaster in the other town when I had a hearing and did really well.  Today I went for a Bowman blaster.
1.  2013 Bowman Top 100 Allen Webster.  This card made the entire box worth it.  This is my first card of the pitcher who is one of the keys to last year's huge trade with the Dodgers.  What a great-looking card.

2.  2013 Bowman Prospects William Cuevas.  Based on the information on the back, it would appear that Cuevas has talent, unfortunately he was 22 in A-Ball.  I am not sure he has more of a ceiling than a middle reliever, if he ever makes it to the Majors.  Not a big-time prospect.

3.  2013 Bowman Jon Lester.  Lester has been terrific this year.  Always happy to add cards of him.

And next we have the tradebait.  Anyone want anything?
I have been having real good luck with retail this year.  This is my first auto of the year, but I have pulled three relics.  That's pretty crazy.  This was a pretty good break with the orange parallel, auto, mini refractor, and of course the Webster card.

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  1. I'll trade you for the Matt Holliday gold and the other Cardinals prospect orange. Email me at and maybe we could work out a deal. Thanks!