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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Game Summaries 03/18/13 - 03/20/13

I am getting pretty burned out on Spring Training right now.  I am ready for the season to start.  It certainly does not help that Boston has lost the last three games.

Pirates 4 Red Sox 3
Player of the Game:  Ryan Lavarnway (1 for 3, 2 RBIs).  Lavarnway looks like he could make it onto the Opening Day roster due to the injury to David Ortiz.  I predict that by the end of this season he will be starting catcher somewhere.

Orioles 8 Red Sox 7
After being down 7-0 in the eighth, Boston came roaring back to tie it, only to lose on a home run by former Red Sox Danny Valencia.
Player of the Game:  Will Middlebrooks (2 for 3, double)

Yankees 4 Red Sox 0
Player of the Game:  Jackie Bradley Jr. (2 for 4, double).

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

03/05/2013 Red Sox 4 Puerto Rico 3

The Red Sox played the Puerto Rico WBC team in an exhibition  Puerto Rico has a number of stars such as Angel Pagan, Carlos Beltran, and Yadier Molina, so it was encouraging when John Lackey shut them down in his start.

Player of the Game: Ryan Lavarnway (3 for 3, 1 run, 2 doubles)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ryan Lavarnway

Okay, I suck at making sure to post regularly. I am very sorry.

Anyway, Ryan Lavarnway was called up late last week for the Royals series. He had hit 30 home runs in the minor leagues and Boston needed an offensive boost with Kevin Youkilis hitting the D.L. and David Ortiz being slowed from a foot injury.

Lavarnway delivered.

Yes it was just against the meager Royals pitching staff but he has now played in seven games for Boston and has proved that he has a potent bat. Lavarnway has put up a line of .318/.423/.409 with three RBIs and two doubles. He has yet to hit a home run, but he has been raking in his short time with the big league club.

Here's the potential problem though. Where does he play next year? Lavarnway is capable of playing at three positions. He has been a part-time catcher and designated hitter in the minor leagues and has played at both positions since being called up from Boston (he is currently in the game at catcher tonight, I am watching it, I know). He could also potentially play first base. But all three positions are possibly locked up next year. It is true that DH David Ortiz and C Jason Varitek are both free agents after this season, but it's hard to imagine either one actually not coming back. Nor do I really want to unless Varitek retires, which he has made no announcement. In addition, Adrian Gonzalez will be at first and Jarrod Saltalamacchia has started to develop into a highly competent catcher.

So where does that leave Lavarnway? It would be a shame not to see him make it next year. I suppose the best bet would be to trade Saltalamacchia and hope that Lavarnway's improved defensive skills behind the plate are enough to keep him back there. Either that or he becomes a part-time player at all three positions. He does not have much left to prove in the minors. It's make or break time.