Monday, May 20, 2013

A Trade with a Nocturnal Raptor

I recently completed a trade with Greg, aka Night Owl.  As we are both team collectors, I figured we had something in common and could mutually help each other.  So I sent him a bunch of mid to late 90's cards, including a bunch of Pacific and he sent me these which I surprisingly did not have:
1.  2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Manny Ramirez.  I am still discovering cards I did not realize I did not have.  I had a bunch of these cards and did not realize I did not have the team set.

2.  2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Daisuke Matsuzaka.  See above.  Surely this is it for the base set.

3.  1994 Collector's Choice Otis Nixon.  The speedster only spent one year in Boston, and it was the strike-shortened 1994 season.  He still stole 42 bases.  I like guys who can steal because Boston has had so few of them over the years.

4.  2008 Upper Deck Icons David Ortiz.  I never had much of this set before.  I might be close to the base team set.  Still need the elusive George Kottaras RC though.

5.  2008 Upper Deck Icons Kevin Youkilis.  A nice closeup of Youk's batting stance.  I would describe it as "unorthodox".

6.  2008 Upper Deck X Jonathan Papelbon.  Here is another one I had no idea I did not have.

7.  2008 Upper Deck Documentary Mike Lowell.  This is the set that keeps going and going and going and...

8.  2008 Upper Deck Documentary Jacoby Ellsbury.  ...going and going and going.

9.  2010 Topps National Chicle Kevin Youkilis.  I had the Bazooka version.  This is the base.

10.  2008 Upper Deck Timelines Josh Beckett (1994 All Time Heroes).  Timelines is a set I had very little of.

11.  2008 Upper Deck Timelines Jason Bay.  I will have to check into this set and see what I still need.  I recall some interesting looking cards that I still need.

12.  2008 Upper Deck Documentary Jon Lester.  And more from this set.

13.  2012 Panini Prizm Will Middlebrooks.  I commented on Night Owl's post about this card.  He did not seem to care much for them.  I think they are ugly too, but I have to have everything and trading is better than buying in my eyes.

14.  2010 Topps Chrome Xfractor Jason Bay.  This is the card that set the trade in motion.  Jason Bay is one of those players I just love getting cards of.

15.  1978 Topps Rick Wise.  No trade would be complete without some vintage.  Well, that's not true but it's definitely nice.

16.  2013 Bowman Gold Will Middlebrooks.  Another card that I commented on.  Middlebrooks is starting to come around offensively this year.  He could just be a very streaky hitter.

Thanks for the trade, Greg!

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  1. After looking through your very detailed collection, I'm surprised you didn't have some of these too!