Monday, May 6, 2013

Maildays 05/03 - 05/04

I am catching up on the weekend's mail here.

Up first was an incredibly small trade in which I gave up one Wal Mart blue parallel and got a Target red parallel in return.  Daniel Bard has not been the same since 2011, hopefully he will get it together and get back to the dominant setup man he once was.

I have mentioned before that I have not done much with Panini.  This time I had to make an exception.  It is not every day you can add a game-used (hopefully) bat piece of a Hall of Famer from the 1910's.  I did not previously own a game-used piece from Tris Speaker.  My previous earliest player for my Red Sox collection was Rick Ferrell, though I did once have a Home Run Baker bat card.

Then I got another one of the five-card factory set only bonus packs.  I am not sure these are the best representatives they could have gotten to drum up interest in the factory sets.  Manny Delcarmen was a popular player due to being from the Boston area.  Jed Lowrie was fairly popular but not really a highly sought-after card.  Then there is Sean Casey, David Aardsma, and Kevin Cash who were just sort of there.  I am thrilled with the cards because I did not have many of any of them, but not sure how much of a big draw those players were for the factory set.

Finally, another Panini card.  I had to add a Jarrod Saltalamacchia autograph to my Red Sox collection.  I can not tell from this picture, but it looks to have been taken from earlier in his career.  He has short hair and appears clean-shaven.  Neither of which has been true for quite awhile.

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