Thursday, November 22, 2018

Mailday Roundups

I am working on getting some trades going on the forums again.  Particularly since there are a ton of cards on my wantlist from the last few years yet.

The first package did not help with the last few years of my wantlist, but helps nevertheless:
1997 Donruss Team Set Pennant Edition Reggie Jefferson.  One of my favorite things to come from the 90's were team-specific parallel sets.  This is the parallel to the base set, only my second one.  I previously had the Nomar Garciaparra due to exceptionally good luck with a few loose packs I opened.  I have mentioned before that Jefferson was one of my favorite under-the-radar players in the late 90's.  He was a very good hitter.

Up next is another Lin card.  Because of course. 
This is the Black and White auto from Archives Snapshots.  I was beginning to wonder if this was coming.  The tracking number indicated it was delivered, but to an address in Oregon.  That is not me.  But it made it after all. 

Up next is an order I placed on Beckett's marketplace.  There are two parts to it. 
This is the first part.  The Choice Pawtucket Red Sox card.  This is my second minor league card of Lin.  Both are with Pawtucket. 

This is the second part:

1.  1955 Topps Milt Bolling.  Bolling was one of the many bonus babies the Red Sox signed in the early 1950's that never panned out.  His best season was 1954 when he hit .249/.337/.368.  That is not terribly impressive, though he was a middle infielder.

2.  1954 Topps Mel Parnell.  This is a well-loved card.  Parnell was a legitimately great starting pitcher early in his career.  Injuries took their toll on him however.  His best season was 1949 when he was 25-7 with a 2.77 ERA.

3.  1956 Topps Sammy White.  White was a somewhat underrated catcher in the 1950's.  He was an All Star in 1953 when he hit .273/.318/.435 with 13 home runs and 64 RBIs.

Always nice to add some vintage.  I need to focus a little more on it.

And next is a trade for a bunch of High Tek and a couple more refractors:
Some nice stuff here.  I have no intention of ever buying packs of High Tek so it is nice to work out trades for the cards I need. 

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