Thursday, November 8, 2018

Gold Mailday

Oh sure, I'll do another Lin post even though I just did one yesterday.  It will be worth it, I swear.

Up first is one that is not terribly exciting:
2018 Topps Archives Snapshots.  This is the base card and even if it is not the most exciting card to show off, I still have to add the base cards for the collection.  Plus, this one was actually on my wantlist.

Up next though is one I was not sure I would find anytime soon:
2013 Bowman Chrome Mini Gold Refractor.  I have a long way to go on the Bowman Chrome and Bowman Chrome Mini rainbows, but it feels very good to knock one of the Golds off.  The Gold Refractors have been traditionally one of the most desirable of any of the Bowman Chrome parallels.  I still need the Black, Orange, Purple, Red, Super and printing plates.