Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Birthday Blasters

The other day I decided to pick up a couple of blasters since my birthday was coming up.  This was my only chance for some baseball cards on my birthday.  Initially I planned on just getting a Bowman blaster, but I saw a Diamond Kings blaster too, so I took a shot.  Both blasters worked out pretty well, and the Diamond Kings blaster produced an autographed patch card of Peter O'Brien of the Diamondbacks.
The Diamond Kings box produced a Ted Williams mini and a Xander Bogaerts base card.  Not bad, but the Bowman blaster really came through.  Rafael Devers and Anderson Espinoza are two of Boston's top four prospects and both are playing well this season.  Mauricio Dubon is a rising prospect in Boston's system.  I am very pleased with the Espinoza card in particular.  I also really like the Swihart insert card.  Swihart is currently in the minors learning how to play left field.  There is nothing wrong with his bat, but Christian Vazquez is so good defensively that it is hard to justify not playing him.

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  1. Happy birthday! Baseball cards are always the perfect gift (from yourself or otherwise).