Monday, May 16, 2016

Another Bowman Blaster and a One-Card Mailday

I bought another Bowman blaster.  I pulled a bunch of Red Sox doubles, which is kind of ridiculous since I only had six cards previously.  The only new cards were the chrome versions of a couple of prospects that I had already: Rafael Devers and Mauricio Dubon.

Then I had a one-card mailday that landed me the 1982 insert of Xander Bogaerts from this year's Donruss set.  I noticed right away that these cards had some great photography and the Bogaerts did not disappoint either.  Plus, you can't tell there is no MLB license on this card.  Even better.


  1. Nice Dubon. Did you pull any of the Yankees prospects or extra Anderson Espinosas?

  2. I do have a base Anderson Espinoza. I will have to look for Yankees prospects. I will send whatever I find out to you.

    1. Thanks MA. I'll keep an eye out for Boston prospects for you.