Monday, April 15, 2013

Red Sox in Cooperstown Pt. 2: Jimmy Collins

Years with Boston:  1901-1907 (.296/.366/.423, 25 home runs, 385 RBI, 102 stolen bases)
Best Year in Boston:  1901 (.332/.375/.495, 6 home runs, 94 RBIs, 19 stolen bases, 42 doubles, 16 triples)
Like Cy Young, Jimmy Collins had been a big star in the National League for several years before the American League was formed.  Collins had been with the NL team located in Boston before jumping over to the new league.  He had previously lead the league in home runs one year and was known as a terrific defensive third baseman.

Collins was never the best hitter or the biggest star on the team.  He was overshadowed by Cy Young and Buck Freeman, among others.  But he was very consistent and he was an outstanding defensive player.  He pioneered defending against the bunt, which was a major offensive weapon in the Dead Ball Era.

Collins was Boston's first manager and lead the team to the first ever World Series Championship in 1903 against the Pirates.  He managed the team to the AL Championship in 1904 but there was no World Series that year.  He was replaced as manager in 1906 and was traded in 1907.

Collins had been a star for a few years before coming to the then-Boston Americans.  He spent more time with the Americans than he did for any other team and he had some great years with them.  His time with them was essential to his election to the Hall of Fame, though it did not account for everything.

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