Friday, April 5, 2013

Mailday 04/04

I previously posted a pic of the Jonny Gomes card I received.  Well that was not all I got.  I also got another package that included a bunch of Jacoby Ellsbury cards, three nice vintage cards (including one from 1966), and even more Dustin Pedroia cards.  

Here are the scans.
I never really got a lot of the Documentary cards.  I am trying to change that.  The Gypsy Queen mini is the Straight Cut back.  I do not do much with the Panini brands right now.  I might change that in the future, but I do not like the lack of a license from MLB.  For some reason I do with food-issue oddballs, but this just seems weird.

Here we have another Opening Day Stars card, this time of Ellsbury.  I also have some great vintage cards.  I definitely can not pass up vintage stuff.  Reggie Smith is a borderline Hall of Famer in my eyes and Mike Andrews was an All Star with the Red Sox.  Good stuff.  

And finally, we have a bunch of Pedroia cards.

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