Monday, April 29, 2013

Pack Breaks 04/28: 2 Packs of Gypsy Queen, 1 Pack of Topps Chrome

I had to run into town yesterday for some stuff at Wal Mart.  I had some extra cash so I bought a couple of rack packs of Gypsy Queen and one of Topps Chrome.

Up first are the Red Sox.  These two cards both came in the same rack pack and I was thrilled with both of them.  First I got the mini black version of Dustin Pedroia, numbered to 199.  Then the white border parallel of Jacoby Ellsbury.  Both current stars and both pretty cool parallels.  I have not pulled a lot of Red Sox numbered to a lower number than this Pedroia, so that's pretty awesome.

Next is the tradebait.  The Chrome cards yielded a few different refractors.

Then a bunch of inserts from Gypsy Queen.  Is anyone collecting any of these?  I have a ton and keep getting duplicates.  I have not been able to move many at all.

Finally, I got a Willie Mays SP, a few random white-border cards, and a bunch of minis.  The Cobb card in the middle is the green parallel, numbered to just 99.  Damn card put my Pedroia to shame.
As usual, if anyone wants to trade, comment or email.  All of this is available though I am looking at possibly moving the Yankees and Stargell right now.  Just ask and I will let you know if they are still available.

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