Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Maildays and Pack Breaks with Some Tradebait: 04/19-04/22

It has been a busy few days so I have not had a chance to scan some cards to show off.  But today things finally slowed down long enough for me to get that taken care of.

On Friday I got one package with one card.  This Documentary card of Daisuke Matsuzaka was supposed to be part of the big Documentary package earlier on but was not there.  I contacted the trader and he graciously sent the card right away.  

This was a big trade that I got in on Sunday.  I traded a bunch of old gold Topps parallels and got a lot of great stuff in exchange.  

The first five Bowman cards are gold signature parallels.  Sun Woo Kim and Jin Ho Cho both made the Majors briefly for the Red Sox with Kim going on to have some sustained success with the Expos/Nationals for a few years.  There was a time that Seung Song and Tony Blanco were the best prospects in the Red Sox system but neither one ever made it to Boston.  Casey Fossum was the big piece in the Curt Schilling trade for the Diamondbacks and had a couple decent seasons in Boston.  He never really developed after that though.  Tommy Hottovy made the Red Sox briefly out of the bullpen.  Then we have some nice parallels/inserts of Victor Martinez, Carlton Fisk and Dustin Pedroia.  I am going back and getting more cards of V-Mart these days as I did not get a lot at the time.  Fisk and Pedroia are favorites so I get a lot of cards of them anyway.

The above scan shows some more cards I got in the same trade.  The Jim Rice is the last of the 2013 Series 1 1972 minis I needed for the Red Sox.  Josh Reddick and Mike Aviles are both players that I just did not have enough cards of and I like the gold sparkles.  Then there is another Fisk card, this one numbered to 550.  I have never seen one of those Matsuzaka cards before so I had to have that one.  The David Cone and David Murphy cards are both parallels.  I did not have any parallels like them.  The Cone is numbered to 200.  

In the same package, but part of another trade is the below Ted Williams Spring Fever card.  I think this is the last Red Sox card I needed for that set.

Yesterday I was at Wal-Mart and wanted to buy something.  They were out of Gypsy Queen and I have most of the Topps and Heritage stuff so I ended up buying one of those boxes with a lot of different packs inside.  I had most of the Red Sox stuff that I ended up with except for a few.

First up from 2009 Topps Update is this Jonathan Papelbon All Star card and the Nick Green gold-bordered card numbered to 2009.  I did not even know I did not have the Papelbon.  The Green is great because it is a parallel that I did not have and of a player of whom I have very few Red Sox cards.

This is the most unusual thing in that repack box.  I received a pack with the Red Sox logo on it that was billed as a Fan Pack.  It included 25 cards from Upper Deck brands from 2007 to 2008.  All of the cards were very glossy, including the Masterpieces cards which typically have a very distinct texture.  In addition, the SP Legendary Cuts cards have silver foil instead of gold embossing.  I cannot quite figure it out but I suspect Upper Deck reprinted these cards as a special to be sold at stadiums or regionally.  Lots of good stuff in here as seen below.  This was worth the price of the box itself.  I also got a Yankees pack.

Finally I had a small trade package with two cards.  The Yamaico Navarro was #6 on my Ten Most Wanted list, so that was a big deal.

These last few scans are some tradebait accumulated in the bog box.  If you want anything and have any Red Sox to trade, please let me know.  All of the following are available.

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