Monday, April 29, 2013

Mailday 04/27

Here are a couple of quick packages that I got in on Saturday.  Both of these trades came from the forums.  I have been doing a little bit of blog trading but not a ton yet.

This first one is quite possibly the most random collection of cards ever.  We have a 1972 Topps card of Lew Krausse, nice vintage there.  Not in the best shape, but that's fine.  Then there is a 1995 Collector's Choice SE Gold Signature of Aaron Sele, one of my favorite pitchers in the mid 1990's when pitching for Boston was horrible.  I did not even know there was anything like this.  Finally, a Kellogg's card of Carl Yastrzemski from 1983.  I love the 3D Kellogg's cards and food issues in general.  I think I just gave up a couple of Rangers inserts for these.

Next up, some guy was trying to get rid of a ton of Red Sox inserts.  I actually did not have a lot of them so I jumped on the opportunity.  The next three scans are the cards I got in that trade.  I gave up some random Bowman refractors and stuff that has not been moving.
The Marco Scutaro is the Chrome parallel.  I am going back and picking up some more of these Ted Williams inserts.  I have four now with a bunch more coming in.  The Casey Fossum is the glossy parallel numbered to 200.  I had a Barry Bonds card like this Mo Vaughn a long time ago.  One thing that I have tried doing is to get Red Sox versions of every card in my non-Red Sox stuff that I can.  I like getting cards of Johnny Damon with the Caveman look.

The Will Middlebrooks is the orange version, for some reason the scan makes it look red.  That would be cool, but not terribly likely.  I am eagerly awaiting Jose Iglesias's return to the Major Leagues.  The Ted Williams is the holofoil version.  I finally got one of the Heritage purple refractors here.

Last, we have a David Ortiz parallel numbered to 50, he is just about to point to the sky after stepping on home plate after a home run.  And then we have another of the Opening Day blue sparkle parallels.  I like these quite a bit.

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