Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Venezuela Strikes Again

A few months back I posted about a Sandy Leon card from Venezuela that I was really happy about because it was my first ever Leon card with the Red Sox.  It was the only one in existence at the time, but with the season he is having, it is only a matter of time until he gets some more.  Recently, I decided to see what other goodies I could have imported from Venezuela.  These are the results:
Baudilio (Bo) Diaz:  Prior to this, Diaz only had one card I was aware of with the Red Sox, a rookie card he shared with Dale Murphy.  Diaz was a two-time All Star catcher with the Indians and Reds, and was a decent power hitter with those two teams and the Phillies.  He played just two games with the Red Sox in 1977 before being shipped to Cleveland in the deal that brought Dennis Eckersley to Boston the first time.  Diaz died in an accident at home in 1989 when he was just 36.

Tony Armas:  Armas was a prototypical power hitter who struck out a ton.  He spent four years with Boston and hit 113 home runs, including leading the league with 43 in 1984.  He also led the league in RBIs that season with 123 and strikeouts with 156.  Armas was named to the All Star team and won the Silver Slugger that season.  Unfortunately, his production dropped precipitously after 1984.

Jeremy (Geremi) Gonzalez:  Gonzalez was once a promising pitching prospect with the Cubs.  But, after a couple of mediocre seasons, he was stuck in the minors until the Devil Rays decided to try him out.  He was not terribly impressive with them and Boston picked him up in 2005.  He made it into 28 games, but with a 6.11 ERA.  Gonzalez was almost a player with no cards, until I found this one.

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