Saturday, September 24, 2016

Red Sox in Cooperstown Pt. 25: Juan Marichal

Years in Boston: 1974 (5-1, 4.87 ERA, 57.1 innings, 21 strikeouts)
Best Year in Boston: 1974 (5-1, 4.87 ERA, 57.1 innings, 21 strikeouts)
Yes, Juan Marichal pitched for the Boston Red Sox.  He was winding down his career in 1974 when he was purchased by the Red Sox from the San Francisco Giants, the team he had spent his entire career with until that point.  Marichal was 36 and would pitch just 11 games over the course of the season for Boston due to injuries.

Marichal was reasonably effective, winning five games and losing just one.  He pitched well enough to win two other games.  His ERA was a less impressive 4.87 and he struck out 21, while walking 14 in 57.1 innings.  

After the season, Boston released Marichal.  He would go on to pitch with former arch-rival Los Angeles for two games in 1975 before retiring.  Marichal had been a nine-time All Star with the Giants.  He led the league in wins twice and ERA once.  He had already cemented his place in baseball history before joining the Red Sox.  His tenure in Boston is just an interesting footnote in his career.

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  1. I remember being excited when the Sox signed him in 74.