Friday, September 16, 2016

Cards from The Card Chop

I have not been making too many trades with other bloggers lately.  I would like that to change, and hopefully opening things up to a blogger I had not traded with before will change that.  Steven formerly from The Card Chop and now Collating Cards contacted me last week with some of my want list needs.  We worked out a deal quickly and he sent me this package:
The Stadium Club base cards were the cards from my list, and once again, Stadium Club has some fantastic photography.  We have Mookie Betts diving to catch a ball, Brock Holt celebrating something, and Ted Williams in some post-game interview (I used to know what this shot was from, I think it was after retaining his .406 batting average in 1941) as the major highlights.

The rest of the cards were some nice parallels and an insert of David Ortiz, who is closing in on 600 cards in my collection.  The Swihart is my personal favorite, as I remain a big fan of catchers.

Thanks for the trade Steven!

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