Thursday, September 29, 2016

Redemption Received Very Quickly

I bought a redemption card from someone a couple of months back because he was offering a good price and it seemed like it would be a pretty good card.  I know full well Topps's shaky history with redemptions.  Just last year I gave up on a redemption that had been pending since 2013.  But I thought I would take a shot.  I received it in the mail a couple of days ago, only a few weeks since redeeming it.  Here it is:
That is a Hanley Ramirez autograph with a huge patch, numbered out of just 10.  I am very happy with this, and particularly since it did not take much time at all to receive.  Hanley is having a terrific season this year and needs just one more home run in the next four games to become the third Red Sox to hit 30 home runs this year (Mookie Betts and David Ortiz are the other two), for the first time since 1977 (George Scott, Butch Hobson, Jim Rice).