Monday, March 7, 2016

Wantlist Hit Surprise

I received a package recently with three cards, all of which knocked stuff off of my wantlist.  I was a little surprised by it though because I was not really sure what a couple of the cards were when I worked out the trade for them.  I will explain after the picture:

The David Ortiz is one of the patterns from last year's High Tek.  I am not collecting all of the patterns for each of the Red Sox players, but I would like a sampling of a lot of them among each player.  I don't focus as much on the Red Sox players in Tek as I do with Sandy Alomar Jr., but I do like to get one of each player.  The Henry Owens and Anthony Ranaudo cards were the surprises.  When I worked out the trade I thought these were just mini Bowman Chrome cards, I did not know they were the Top 5 organizational inserts.  I needed three of those still when I worked out the trade.  That is two of them right there.

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