Sunday, March 13, 2016

My First Contender for Pack Pull of the Year

I like buying packs on occasion because I like the thrill of an exciting pull.  Inserts, parallels, anything pretty much can be exciting to pull for my collection.  This is the first pull of the year that I have been very excited about, though it is not the first insert:
This is the Chrome Refractor version of David Ortiz, which is already a short-printed card.  It is serial-numbered 038/567.  It is not hugely exciting, but it is still a nice enough pull from a pack.  Currently it takes over first place for pull of the year from the Rusney Castillo Perspectives insert.  Unfortunately it was the only Red Sox card from a blaster box, and only the third Red Sox card I have pulled in two blasters and a hanger pack of Heritage so far.  I am not having the best of luck right now.

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