Thursday, March 3, 2016


I love that song.  I saw Black Sabbath live a few weeks ago and they were terrific.  Or rather, the band was.  Ozzy had a bit of a rough night.  But why am I posting a Black Sabbath song?  Isn't that for my other blog?  No, it is being done to show off my first Snow Camo parallel:
I actually pulled a Kris Bryant from a pack, which was traded for a huge haul that I am expecting any day now.  This is the card for my permanent Red Sox collection though.


  1. That is a beauty of a card. Also, Snowblind seems to be a pretty popular name for songs, as Styx and Ace Frehley will attest.

  2. I saw Sabbath last week and there were absolutely amazing... Topps never ceases to surprise us with all the different parallels!