Monday, March 21, 2016

My Most Wanted has Been Caught

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that my Top 10 Most Wanted has had a little bit of a shake-up at the top.  That is because the #1 card on the Top 10 was added to my collection:
This card has been #1 on that list since I acquired the only Red Sox card of James Loney ever made (2012 Topps Update SSP) and then shortly later an Oil Can Boyd card some time back in 2013.  This card has spent more than two and a half years as the #1 card on my Most Wanted list, longer than either of the other two.

As I have mentioned before on this blog when talking about this card, this is just an incredibly cool-looking card of a player who was not with the team for very long.  It is a die-cut card of J.T. Snow, who only played in 38 games for Boston in 2006, and is just my fourth card of Snow in my Red Sox collection.  There was a Jason Varitek card from the same set, which I picked up right away as it was during a time when picking up Varitek cards was my highest priority.

Snow had been acquired by the Red Sox as something of a stop-gap option at first in case Kevin Youkilis did not work out.  Ultimately, Youkilis turned into a terrific first-baseman and Snow was superfluous.  It helped that Snow only hit .205/.340/.205 with no power whatsoever.  He was released in June.

I am thrilled with this pickup.  Now, there is a new #1 on my Top 10 Most Wanted.


  1. Congrats on spearing the white whale - that truly is a great looking piece of cardboard!