Wednesday, March 23, 2016

4 Small Packages in One Scan

Rather than doing one small post for each of the four packages I received in the mail all in one day, I decided to throw them all together.

The first four cards all came from one trade.  I gave up a bunch of 2016 Heritage singles.

1.  Fred Lynn.  This card is one of many celebrating Lynn's rookie year, which was one of the greatest of all time.  Lynn was, of course, the first player to win the Rookie of the Year and the MVP in the same season.

2.  Jarrod Saltalamacchia.  This is one of the retail-only parallels from 2014 Topps.  I had Matt Thornton previously.

3.  Jim Rice.  Rice was almost as good as Lynn in 1975.  Boy, that Red Sox outfield in the 70's (Dwight Evans, Lynn, and Rice) would have been incredible to see.

4.  Jackie Bradley Jr.  This year's outfield could be terrific defensively though.  Bradley will be in center, Mookie Betts in right, and Rusney Castillo in left.

Up next is a card that was on my Top 10.  It was pretty low on the list, but it was still on there.

5.  Alexi Ogando.  Technically I had the base version of this on my list, but I am going to count this.  I only had one card of Ogando previously in my Red Sox collection.  He made it into 64 games in 2015 and was generally unimpressive.  But, this is my first autograph of Ogando, and only my second card.

Next is a two-card trade for a couple of former highly regarded pitching prospects.

6.  Dustin Richardson.  Richardson made it into 26 games with Boston in 2010 as a lefty option in the bullpen.  After the season, he was traded to Florida for Andrew Miller, a trade that worked out well for Boston, but poorly for Florida as Richardson never pitched in the Majors again.

7.  Daniel Bard.  Bard was so good for a couple of seasons and it is really sad that he completely fell apart.  He has not pitched in the Majors since a bad two-game stint in 2013.  He can not find the strike zone any more and has bounced from organization to organization.

Finally, a quick Ebay buy.

8.  Babe Ruth.  This was a card that was only available in Topps factory sets.  This card commemorates Ruth's three World Championships with Boston.

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