Friday, March 11, 2016

Gold Mailday

I traded two gold parallels for two other gold parallels.  Here are my new cards:
Kelly Johnson is a bit of an interesting inclusion in this set.  He was acquired from the Yankees for Stephen Drew, then one month later, he was traded again, with Michael Almanzar for Jemile Weeks and Ivan DeJesus.  He played in all of 10 games with the Red Sox and only managed four hits in 25 at bats.  I only had one card of Johnson before this trade, so I wanted to increase that number.  I love the David Ross picture, so I like to get parallels whenever I can of it.

I had a decision to make with this trade.  The other member had a bunch of other gold cards.  He had Jonathan Herrera from the same set and I had to decide between that card and these two.  I wanted Johnson because I only had one card of him.  I wanted Herrera because I only had two cards of him.  And I wanted Ross because I really like the player and I love the shot.  So I decided on Johnson and Ross.