Thursday, March 10, 2016

So, I Had a Kris Bryant Snow Camo...

It did not last long.  I thought about selling it but when someone made a huge offer for it, I decided I would move it.  It took some thought before I pulled the trigger, but I think it worked out well:
Here is the first scan from the haul.  The major cards are the Brian Johnson autograph, the Bryce Brentz autograph, and the Babe Ruth Medallion card.  The Babe Ruth is the centerpiece of the haul.  It is one of those manufactured relic cards Topps has been pushing.  And of course, Babe Ruth is one of my favorite players to get cards of in my collection, along with Ted Williams, Jason Varitek, and others.  Brian Johnson is one of Boston's Top 10 prospects.  Bryce Brentz is likely trade bait.  Other than those three there are a few Blake Swihart cards, including a Bazooka insert from Topps Heritage that are somewhat harder to find.  And there is a base card of Andrew Benintendi, one of my current favorite Red Sox prospects, next to Yoan Moncada and Rafael Devers.
The next scan from the haul features a Green Refractor auto of Edwin Escobar as the centerpiece.  Escobar is still in the Red Sox system and could help out in the bullpen.  The Mookie Betts card in the top left corner is numbered to 50.  The Blake Swihart, the fourth in the package is a short print.  And then there are some random inserts and parallels to fill it out.
And finally we have the last of the new cards for my collection.  There is a buyback of a 1966 Topps Dave Morehead card.  Morehead pitched a no-hitter in 1965.  The Desert Shield card of Carlos Quintana is one of the few needed Quintana cards out there.  And finally, Sam Travis may be Boston's best first base prospect since Anthony Rizzo.

There were a few doubles in the package as well, including an autograph and another manufactured relic.  All in all, I am pretty happy with this package.

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  1. All that for a snow camo parallel of Kris Bryant? The hype is real.