Friday, March 25, 2016

Just Commons Order and a Top 10 Hit

I decided my wantlist was not getting any smaller lately, so I decided to place an order with Just Commons to see if I could knock off a bunch of stuff.  In fact, my wantlist has actually been getting bigger lately.  I have been spending a lot of time adding stuff on to it, such as Stadium Club base cards and Pacific base cards.  

Well, here is the Just Commons order:
Stadium Club was one of my primary goals recently, mostly due to amazing photography that the brand is known for.  There are a few such examples in the above scan.  The Mo Vaughn card shows how awkward of a fielder Vaughn was.  He did not get a ton of errors, but his shortstops typically did.  He was just not that great at picking the throws and his range was basically non-existent.  The Jeff Frye card on the other hand is a terrific action shot of him sliding into home.  It is definitely my favorite shot from this entire order.
The next scan includes nine needed 1994 Pacific cards.  What I have always loved about Pacific has been the brand's player selection.  Unfortunately there are not really any impressive examples here.  All of these players were fairly common in 1994 brands.
Here we have some more Pacific and then some random stuff.  The Blake Swihart in the bottom left is my favorite here.  This is one of the 1989 Bowman is Back inserts.
Some more randomness here.  The Xander Bogaerts completes my mini refractor Top 5 insert set.  Jon Lester was one of the two All Stars in 2014 for Boston.  That is a very interesting cap.
1997 Ultra is probably my favorite Ultra set.  It had some nice photography and the Gold Medallion inserts included different photos.  The MIke Stanley is a terrific action shot of a play at the plate that likely did not go Boston's way.
And here we have some more random cards, followed by two vintage cards at the end.  Dick Radatz was one of the best relievers in the game in the 1960's.  He was starting a downward slide when this card was released.  He was traded early in the 1966 season.  Willard Nixon was one of the better Red Sox starters in the mid 1950's.
And some more vintage here.  The first card celebrates Rico Petrocelli's two home runs in Game 6 of the 1967 World Series against the Cardinals.  Yaz and Reggie Smith also homered in that game.  There is also a card of Pumpsie Green, Boston's first black player here.

The last card did not come from the Just Commons order, but it was one of the Top 10 Most Wanted.  This is Herb Pennock's Hall of Fame plaque which appears to depict Pennock wearing a Red Sox cap.

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  1. "such as Stadium Club base cards and Pacific base cards"

    Like that is a bad thing!!!! That Pumpsie is sweet. Is that old Yankee Stadium behind him?