Friday, September 14, 2018

I Love These Trades

Here is another very large trade that mostly knocked stuff off of my wantlist.  These are my favorite types of trades.  Unfortunately it is so hard to hook these up frequently.  This one had a number of cards from 2008, which was a year in which my Varitek collection was my primary concern, so I missed out on a lot of stuff.  

Well, there are a lot of cards here.  So let's get started.
1.  2018 Topps Chrome 1983 Refractor Mookie Betts.  The last Red Sox player to win the batting title was Bill Mueller in 2003.  Mookie may be the first Red Sox player to do it since then.

2.  2015 Topps Heart of the Order Ted Williams.  On the topic of batting titles, Williams won six of them, and almost a couple more.

3.  2018 Topps Big League Gold Xander Bogaerts.  This was the only card not on my wantlist, but adding a new Xander is always nice.  Especially since I seem to have a lot of trouble with that.

4.  2018 Topps Allen & Ginter Fantasy Goldmine Nomar Garciaparra.  And getting back to batting titles, Nomar won two. 

5.  1995 Topps Embossed Mo Vaughn.  Vaughn came in second in the batting race in 1998, his final year in Boston.

6.  2018 Bowman Platinum Rafael Devers.  It is something of a lost year for Devers.  Hopefully he can get back to his 2017 form soon.

7.  2008 Topps 50th Anniversary All Star Rookie Team Scott Hatteberg.  This is one of those inserts I had to add.  Hatteberg was a pretty good hitter with the Red Sox, but a dreadful defensive catcher.  Boston should have moved him to first or DH.

8.  2008 Topps Own the Game David Ortiz. 

9.  2006 Ovation Jonathan Papelbon.  Papelbon's rookie year was something special.  He might have been the Rookie of the Year if he had not missed the entire last month of the season.  He was 4-2 with a 0.92 ERA and 35 saves.
10.  2008 Upper Deck First Edition Dustin Pedroia.

11.  2008 Topps Stars David Ortiz.

12.  2008 Topps Year in Review Curt Schilling.  Schilling came close to pitching a no-hitter in 2007.  Clay Buchholz though actually did throw one that year.

13.  2008 Topps 50th Anniversary All Star Rookie Team Hideki Okajima.  Okajima leads the way in this package with four cards.  He had a terrific rookie season as well and helped Boston to a World Series victory.

14.  2009 Upper Deck Jacoby Ellsbury.

15.  2009 Upper Deck Jonathan Papelbon.

16.  2009 Upper Deck X Kevin Youkilis.  I once considered a player collection of Youkilis.  I never got around to it, but he was terrific for several seasons with Boston.

17.  2008 Topps Hideki Okajima.  I was shocked I did not have the 2008 Topps team set.  This trade package completed the set.  Finally.

18.  2008 Topps Alex Cora.  Cora is the first Red Sox manager since Butch Hobson to have played with the team prior to managing them.  He is the first team manager to have won a World Series with the Red Sox as a player since Heinie Wagner in 1930.
19.  2008 Topps J.D. Drew.

20.  2008 Topps Josh Beckett.

21.  2008 Upper Deck Hideki Okajima.

22.  2008 Upper Deck First Edition Hideki Okajima.

23.  2008 Upper Deck First Edition Sean Casey.  Casey finished his ML career with 69 games with the Red Sox in 2008.  He hit .322 but did not hit a single home run.

24.  2016 Topps Bunt Hanley Ramirez.

25.  2016 Topps Bunt Craig Kimbrel.

26.  2016 Topps Bunt David Ortiz.

27.  2016 Topps Holiday David Price.  Price has really turned things around this season.  He looks like the David Price that won the 2012 Cy Young Award.
28.  2016 Topps Holiday David Ortiz.

29.  2007 Bowman Heritage Prospects Thomas Hottovy.  Hottovy made it into eight games with the Red Sox in 2011 but was terrible.  The next year he made it into nine games with the Royals, but was much better.  Somehow he never made it back.

30.  2018 Donruss Xander Bogaerts.  Hey, Xander is not the last player I added from this set!

31.  2018 Donruss 1984 Andrew Benintendi. 

32.  2018 Stadium Club Wade Boggs.

33.  2018 Stadium Club Ted Williams.  Nice shot here.  I like the perspective and the bat that looks like it is bending from the force of his swing.

34.  2018 Topps Allen & Ginter Dustin Pedroia.

35.  2018 Topps Opening Day Chris Sale.

36.  2018 Topps Opening Day Mookie Betts.
37.  2018 Topps Opening Day Jackie Bradley Jr.  Hey, a different photo on this card.

38.  2018 Topps Opening Day Hanley Ramirez.

39.  2018 Topps Opening Day Andrew Benintendi.

And that is it for this trade package.  But it was a pretty big one.

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  1. Got your package in the mail yesterday. Sending out a mini-Zap as I speak.