Monday, September 2, 2019

The Worst Red Sox Team of All Time Pt. 13: Regis Leheny

Failure is often even more fascinating than success. I am definitely intrigued by the 1932 Boston Red Sox, the worst Red Sox team of all time. The team finished with a record of 43-111, for a winning percentage of .279 and very little went right.
Remember when I said that Larry Boerner was one of the most obscure members of the 1932 Red Sox?  Well, boy do I have one that blows that out of the water.  Regis Leheny, who does appear to be the only Major League player to ever be named "Regis", pitched in just two games in his entire Major League career.  In those two games, he pitched 2.2 innings.  That's it.  And, he does not appear to have any minor league experience either.  So this is it.

Leheny was 24 years old in 1932 and was brought to the Majors as a left-handed reliever for two consecutive games in late May.  He pitched two-thirds of an inning in the first game and gave up four runs to the Athletics on three hits and two walks.  The next day, he pitched two innings against Washington and was considerably better, giving up one run on two hits and a walk, and he notched his only Major League strikeout.  He did not figure in either decision.  His ERA was an unsightly 16.88 and his WHIP was 3.000.  Not great.

That was it.  That was Leheny's entire career.

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